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December 01 2008

I just got a mail telling me that Walmart is opening in Bangkok, followed by requirements in case I'd want to work there. 10 items or less!
Google Talk Status: किलर स्ट्फ्फ!
Got an alert from Blue Frog saying there will be no live music on 2/3/4 Dec. That's probably one of the few times since the club opened...
Wrote a WordPress hack to automatically redirect to a sub-page if one exists. Wondering how to package that into a plugin...
I typed in "Mumbai" in Cleartrip. Why the fuck is it asking me if I meant Mumbai or Memphis?! MEMPHIS? Even the SOUNDEX doesn't match for the two!
I forgot my laptop mouse at home again! Can you say.. RATS!!?
Eset Smart Security 4.0 secured my Windows so much, I couldn't even access localhost in the web browser! FAIL!
Using Windows after more than four days... not counting the 10 minutes I spent installing Vista it in Parallels Desktop!
So is everyone wearing black or white today? So confusing! I think I'll just go commando!

November 30 2008

Planet M at phoenix has the blu-ray of casino royale for 1799 along with a 1 on 1 free offer.. Very tempting...
I love the ui of hathway's set top box. Its super fast too. Quality seems ok. If they launch a pvr, i'll consider switching...
Using Coda to fix a bug in my TwitterBuddy plugin for WordPress!
If you want to annoy someone, recommend them an Intex mobile phone when they ask you which phone to buy.

November 29 2008

and now that all this terrorist shit is over i'd like to point out that cnn's hala gorani is hottttttttttttt
i am so drunk right now i can PISS a horse! ahahahaha
CrossOver Chromiu is 125mb extracted! Whoa whoa! That's as big as an operating system in some parts of the world!
Why do most download managers in OS X have a "Stop Download" action that actually pauses a download instead of cancelling it?
Citibank takes you through a fuckton of crazy strict steps to ensure security and ultimately says that your password is case insensitive! F!
Why did MSI chose the Atom Z530 CPU over the N270 for their new Wind U110/115 netbooks? Z530 = same speed but consumes more power...

November 28 2008

Dinner is: fruit salad, custard, jelly and ice cream! Ha ha ha
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