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December 15 2008

I assumed that the green colored Indica Vista would be named the Indica Pista...
Packing off to Lonavla for a couple of days!

December 14 2008

I have someone selling a PS3 - 40GB, 1 week old, 2 controllers - for less than 20k. Interested? Email me.
Getting PlayStation Home ... i had a beta invite but I didn't redeem it!
Smart speed breakers that auto flatten if u drive at low speed.. we need these in India!!! http://ping.fm/0dT8k
Just one more day for Pownce to go poof! hahaha
Parvathy Omanakauatyytaiuytiyaiomgwtfbbqlol FTW !!!!!!!!!!

December 13 2008

Nice, but I think I'd like more nominations in this category instead!! http://ping.fm/5CICg

December 12 2008

I just invested 75 grand :-O .. now i'm fucking broke ... goa! new year's! anniversary! OMG!
Colin Farell uses the free version of Opera 5 on the Mac in The Recruit...

December 11 2008

I'm seeing a new "add location" option in the post composition screen in Blogger!
mmmm... 2009 Ford Ka looks hot! http://linkbun.ch/5rjc
USB POLE DANCER! ROTFL! At the Woot-off now! http://www.woot.com
Ooooo ... Above and Beyond present OceanLab - Breaking Ties (Above and Beyond Analogue Haven mix)
I think I'll create a Gmail-specific Twitter gadget...
There are only TWO results for "Twitter" when I search for Google gadgets?! Did I spell it wrong? And... neither of them WORK! :-O
So where the fuck do I download Gmail gadgets from? Why the fuck is there no link to a place where I can find some?
Okay I'm bored of Opera. Back to Chrome.

December 10 2008

To add insult to the injury, the Canon MP145 driver is asking me to restart OS X after installing. SUPER FAIL.
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