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December 10 2008

Downloading OS X drivers for my Canon MP145 printer/scanner/copier. I thought the Mac was supposed to make this shit easy! FAIL!
LinkBunch is back online! http://linkbun.ch
Matt Darey is playing at Sunburn 2008 in Goa... hmmmmmmm
Why the fuck would I want to set Winamp search as my default browser search engine?
OMG! BEST NEWS! Hindustan Motors has slashed the prices of the AMBASADDOR! OMG OMG! BUY NOW! RUN! LOL
The limited edition Kimi Raikonnen Tag Heuer looks awful...
When you google for "aalaap bipasha", my next-gen joke tweet comes up first! yaay! http://ping.fm/rQdnf
This toothpaste tastes like paan. ermmm...

December 09 2008

This is some funny shit! http://ping.fm/v0HlS
Cerf, Mitiska and Jaren - You Never Said (Rowald Steyn remix) ... FTFW!
What did Bipasha tell a fan who wanted a blu-ray movie? "BD jalai le..." ok, this is going to take a bit of work but you get the idea :-)
I love the way BackType just pulled all my comments from (almost) all over the web into my page! http://ping.fm/Ai0d7
Checking out BackType... it looks very useful...
Added another bunch of services to Ping.fm. To those seeing this for the first time... hello!
Importing my Pownce posts into Soup.io like Partha did. I signed up on Soup.io on October 31st, but i didn't post more than one entry there.
Why is there no keyboard short cut or dock icon menu item to enable/disable scrobbling in Last.fm's OS X scrobbler?

December 08 2008

"don't the sounds nice??" LOL!!! WTF HAHH
hathway sent me two bills at the same time - one from the mumbai office and one from the PUNE office. same bill amount, date, number. WTF?
Robinson Crusoe TV series! Hmm!
I like StackOverflow.com!
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